Monday, September 18, 2006

I hate ironing

How can one family generate so much ironing? I iron for 5 hours every week! I do not iron linen, only clothes. My neighbor has 2 boys and a husband who is a truck driver and wears drip dry fluro tops and she spends less than 30 minutes per week on ironing. GJ has business shirts and likes those extra nice, cotton t-shirts that have to be ironed. I can't send the girls to school in un-ironed uniforms and Ben goes through at least 3 sets of clothes a day, which leaves me with 5 hours per week of the dreaded chore.
I don't mind the actual ironing, just the time it takes and the fact that I can't multitask while I do it. I was a the gym the other day on a treadmill and wondered if any one had tried to put the ironing board over the sidebars and do 2 things at once?I have finally caught up on GJ's business shirts (note the colour blocking, I think I have a dash of OCD). Someone to do my ironing would be one of my top 10 things on my wish list.

1 comment:

brad said...

... but they look so neat, orderly, and crisp in the closet when you're all done :-)

If only they stayed there.