Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dinner Party

We had a lovely dinner party last night with Rob and Suzanna.
In the 12 years we have lived in Queensland we have only got the good cutlery and crockery out 3 times. Entertaining in Queensland is such a casual affair, alfresco dining on the deck with kids running around every where. Things that were important to us when we were young and childless are so different to now. As we are probably moving in the next few months, I wanted one last use of the good stuff before we store it away for a few years. The girls were fascinated by the cutlery; "Hampton court". It felt so nice to be able to tell them that they can have it when they grow up.
GJ was funny, he decided to polish the silverware, and wondered why I went off that he hadn't washed it after rubbing it all over with Silvo!
We had a great time, Gj has bought some Lambrusco (Italian red sparkling wine) and some good Champagne for us all. As Suzanna is a vegetarian we did a mix of pasta and sauces. We had creamy spinach, Arrabbiata (tomato/chili), creamy tomato and a bolganase for the meat eaters. Salad and garlic bread completed it. Dessert was one of my specialties, individual Sticky Date puddings with lashings of butterscotch sauce and double cream.
Early in the evening the girls had fun playing hostess, they offered around the plates of cheese and appetizers.
GJ took some lovely photos of us, just before the guests arrived. I still can't choose my favourite, out of these 3, so I have loaded them all.

Here is Georgia showing off her new top, it was a birthday present from her Godmother Fi, in England.

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