Thursday, September 28, 2006

Singapore 28th Sept. 2006

Another great day in Singapore. GJ woke up this morning feeling very fluish (I do like to share!). I planned to take the kids out for a walk and at the last minuted GJ joined us. We caught the shuttle down to Raffles. It was still early so we only had a quick look in the courtyard. We will go back one evening so we can have a Singapore sling, their legendary cocktail.
We then walked down to the river and Boat Quay. We still haven't see blue sky, it has the tropical haze all the time; we haven't had any rain either.
After about an hour of walking Chelsea started to get a fever (more sharing!!), so we caught a taxi to the main street for lunch.
Singapore has these bakery shops that sell sweet and savory breads and pastries. You grab tongs and a tray at the front and serve yourself. Ben ran in and just grabbed donuts....Georgia yet again choose something that looked great, but tasted foul. By this time they were all fading fast; so I bundled them into a taxi and sent them home to bed. You should of seen the kids faces when I didn't get in and they drove off. Apparently Chelsea fell asleep in the taxi on the 5 minute return journey.
Now if I was a handbag aficionado; I would be rolling on the floor in ecstasy!!!! I will take the camera and get photos of the range. I have realized that in Australia we never ever get a good selection of shoes, handbags or jewelry.
We have been choosing restaurants for dinner with the kids taste in mind, and have been mildly disappointed. Singapore is renown as a food paradise, but when you have 3 fussy kids it is a bit hard. We have been paying $50- $100 for average food. Drinks are very expensive- last night 3 small milk shakes, 2 soda waters and 1 wine cost $45!!!!!
Today I went to the supermarket ( and stretched my arm length by at least 5cm) and bought a variety of drinks for the apartment, and some great Indonesian and Thai takeaway($10.50). The kids will have a ham and pinapple pizza ($5) and we will all be happy.
We are debating whether or not to get a babysitter and go out one night just the two of us. We almost never leave the kids at night. As I worked and travel extensively for the previous few years we like to do things at night time together. I would find it hard to leave the kids with a hotel babysitter (although everyone at the hotel has made such a nice fuss of the kids), yet I do want to experience the delights of Singapore dining. I did pack the perfect little black dress!
When I got back I found Georgia almost climbing the walls. Everyone else was asleep and she had locked herself out of the laptop and was bored senseless! (Chelsea was asleep on the lounge so she couldn't even watch TV- and the hotel has CABLE!!!!) I took her down to the pool and read my book on Indonesia.
I am fascinated by the multiculturalism of Singapore. There is such diverse range of people, it is SO interesting people watching. It interesting the way women dress; from trendy almost reveling clothes to the completely covered with headdress style. Everybody fits in and is accepted.
We are having a great time and I can't wait to experience more and tell you all about it.

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lrlwreath said...

Bakery shops, yummmm.... Now I want to go to Singapore, I love handbags!!