Thursday, September 14, 2006

Early Birthday Presents

The Children were very excited to receive some early birthday present. Auntie Tan Tan and Janny got the girls activity books for the plane trip, a bikini for swimming, and the best-$10 each of Singapore dollars to by a special something.
Ben got a Bob the Builder drink bottle and a new Thomas the Tank engine DVD and $10.00 as well

I got a business card holder with some of Tan Tans new business card inside. Poor old GJ got nothing LOL.
Tan Tan and Janny always get great presents. They even colour co-ordinate the wrapping paper with the kids favourite colours.

They are so pleased to get there own pocket money. I have always bought the girls a small souvenir of special places we have been to. The girls are both lovers of little knick knacks (dust collectors). I want then to have things (small and inexpensive!!!!) that remind them of the exciting things we have done.


lrlwreath said...

Very cool. Looking at your picture I see how much your oldest daughter looks like you. I was telling my husband about your trip last night (he lived in Korea for many years, Dad was in the air force). And he said, "out of places to live I think Singapore is a great place".

Getting excited for you guys. Can not wait until I see some pics.

brad said...

Early Bday presents are a good idea of theirs before the trip. Now, can you can keep them from getting bored of the presents before the trip? You probably have that figured out already.

Devi said...

you have a good looking children jen :) so cute! all of them...

Geologychick said...

Hi Jen..
I saw your comment on AmazingTrips blog and I thought you might want to check out my blog - my August 30th post... as I am a Geologist, too. I work in the engineering field, unlike Jenna, who is in the environmental field.