Thursday, August 31, 2006


I forgot to mention...
We are going to Singapore with GJ. YEAHHHHHHH "jumping up and down with cheering"
Company policy is that you are not allowed to cash in airfare to take family members with you. We thought about it and decided YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU! So we have booked it. We can just afford it, and yes we will be taking it out of the high school/ uni fund, but life experience is worth it. Company policy does allow us to share GJs room while he needs to be there, 6 nights, luckily. Poor old GJ is not allowed to travel business class while the four of us are in cattle class, so the company is saving an obscene amount of money of by only paying for an economy class ticket for GJ.
We have taken the girls with us on numerous business trips around Australia (poor old Benjamin has missed out since I gave up working), but they have never been out of Australia.
We are going to see what is like for a family of five in an Asian country.
Our passports have arrived and we have brought extra luggage so, so far we have spent $AU 800 and we haven't even left.
I have a digital card reader that will fit GJ's laptop, so I will be able to feed my Blog addiction with the added benefit of photos.
We have 24 days until we leave....
10 days in Singapore, GJ will be at work/conference for 4 of those days.
The list of to do things is already enormous
  • Who will mind our darling Chooks?
  • Pack all Summer clothes etc.....
  • newspapers, mail
I don't need to continue, you all know the exhausting logistics of organizing a trip for a family of 5......


Laurel Wreath said...

So when do you leave? I want to see some awesome pics =)) I am excited for you, that is soooo awesome. And something your kids will remember. Stay safe.

Munchkin Land said...

What an incredible experience! I can't wait to read all about the trip. Have a great time!!

JenMom said...

I was in Singapore on business for 4 days a few years ago...I LOVE that country. The people are fabulous. It is so clean and I tried some very unique culinary treasures!!!

I spent 24 hours on layover in Hong Kong on the way home and had a VERY different experience!

Have a wonderful time!