Monday, August 14, 2006

The Handbag Gene

My sister (she and my mum both have this exact ring) sent me this picture in an email with the statement " you need one of these"
This is my actual reply:-

"Thankyou, I would love it for my Chrissy present.......

I still tell people about the night GJ and I, went out in Sydney for dinner with me wearing all yours and mums glitz (we are talking serious big real sparkly stuff).
I was in a handbag shop yesterday looking for a new bag, I have probably bought 2 in the last 10 years....( I missed the handbag gene/DNA you must of got 2 lots). The sales woman commented about how all women love bags and purses and I looked at her blankly and explained my purchasing history. LOL. Of course I didn't find any thing I liked and left, I thought I just needed you here. I'll help you buy shoes ( I got all of the shoe DNA !!!!!!) and you will have to be my jewellery and bag personal shopper...

My sister is now sending me all sorts of links for handbags online LOL. I have realised that I am different to the norm.. I do not have a passion for handbags purses or jewelery.

Well except for my diamond stud earrings, I did just have to have them.....

I am on my second purse in 12 years, I have had my current handbag for about 4 years, they are still in good condition, so I will probably have them for a few more years.

I rarely wear my engagement ring, my wedding band is practical and all I need, I have the antique fob chain necklace that Mum gave me for my 21st and my earrings and that is all I wear. I don't covet or want more. That is not to say if someone gave me something big and sparkly I would not accept it. I love jewlery, I just don't need it. I had fun in Sydney wearing TanTan's and Mums things for one night, but it was easy to give it back. I feel the same way about handbags and purses.

But, I am obsessive about shoes. I have added another 5 pairs in the last few weeks without trying.

I think that TanTan probably owns as many bags as I have shoes.

I also love books, I borrow often from the library but I must own my favorites. I love magazines but I gave them up when I gave up my career/income (I also gave up expensive skin care, but that is still too difficult to talk about LOL).

In summary

Limited handbag and jewelery DNA + excessive book and shoe DNA

= Happy medium

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