Monday, August 21, 2006

Head wounds

Luckily the children have inherited GJ's concrete like skull.
It was Chelsea's turn this weekend to split her head open, slightly.
Chelsea was playing with a neighbor's boy and slipped and hit her head on the coffee table; she believed Uncle Robbie when he said that it was nothing and didn't bother to tell GJ or myself. It was not until Sat evening when she was cuddling with me on the lounge ( watching season 2 of the new DR WHO series) that she said not to stroke the left side of her head as it was sore! Of course I immediately dragged her to the light and found this HUGE lump and a split, oozing blood slowly. It was a still a bit gappy on Sunday night so I decided to go to the Dr's this morning( Monday), luckily it finally scabbed over during the night and so I dropped her back at School at 10.30 am; after a 34 second Dr's appointment.

These are photos of Ben's stitches from February this year. Ben was playing at the Gym creche and slipped and split his forehead. The Dr had to do 2 small stitches and did it with no anesthetic!!!!!!! I now know that local anesthetic hurts, and is quicker to just stitch, but it was horrible. Our local surgery has a full time nurse (who is lovely) and was able to help hold him down.
GJ is covered with lots of scars and stitch marks, most of which he can not remember how they occurred. I can deal with poo, wee, vomit and snot; but I find blood too traumatic...
I hope the kids will take after me, I have never need stitches for an injury and have no unexplained scars.
GJ's concrete like bones and skull and strong teeth + my skill at avoiding accidents = hopefully accident free kids and un-traumatized mum

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Laurel Wreath said...

Ah, I know these well with three boys. One boy had to have a couple stiches in the head, one in the forehead... great fun.