Wednesday, August 16, 2006

LCD or Standard TV

Doesn't this look strange....

Unfortunately in the month and a half since Chelsea smashed the TV, this has started to look normal. We walk around with a permanent squint.

GJ and I have started to look around for replacement TV's (insurance does not cover children's naughtiness).
We have some choices to make:
  • Replace with a cheap no-name brand for about $300
  • Replace with a quality brand analogue TV for about $600 and by a set top box to go digital
  • Upgrade to LCD, HD TV about $5000.
  • A LCD TV will not fit in the cabinet. I have a sideboard that would serve the purpose, but then I would have to part with my beautiful existing cabinet.
We have to decide what a TV is worth to us. I am also worried in regards to our move to China, would it travel successfully or would we leave it in storage? As I type this I realize that it is just a TV, and as much as the Kids and GJ would enjoy a big crisp digital screen, we don't really need one. If we wait until we come back from China the price might of come down enough to make it affordable for us.
I have also realized in the last week that I don't actual watch the TV that often, I listen to it, but as I am usually busy doing something else I can't see it. Bob, Thomas, Teletubbies and the Wiggles all sound the same on a mini TV to a big fancy one!


Jessica said...

My mom just got her a new TV too...

Decisions, decisions!

Kaci said...

Ah, the TV dilemma. As you saw on my site, we already made the big move. Of course, what I didn't mention was that we'd each had about 3 cocktails when MAKING that decision... Yeah, friends don't let friends buy high end electronics when drunk.