Sunday, August 06, 2006

Passport photos

I found a great free web site for making your own passport photos.

All you need to do is go to this site upload a suitable photo, and use the software to crop it to exactly the right size. You are then able to down load the image, which when printed as a standard 6"x4" image, gives you 8 perfect size photos.
There was no way I was going to pay $15 each for our passport photos when the cost price is .15-.50 cents. This way I got the exact photos I wanted for 29c each.
I have got the kids so well trained, that when they see a camera they automatically stop, pose and smile. It was hard to get them to not smile for the passport photo. LOL
I have now got a lovely passport photo, of course it will look nothing like me if I am traveling a long distance with 3 young kids.
Now I just have to pay $481 for the kids and my passports!

GJ is off to Singapore again in the school holidays and is going business class. We are going to see if we can cash in his ticket and all of us go. A family of 5 can travel for the same cost as 1 business class ticket. Hope we can. I have never been to Singapore.

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Laurel Wreath said...

excellent website, thanks!!!