Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I have been so busy touring all the homes in BooMamas guide that I have been neglecting my own blog! I keep writing little notes to myself when I think of something I want to put on my blog, I wonder where they all are? LOL

We all have a touch of the flu at the moment. I only have the cough/cold/weeze thing at night though, which is why this post came about:

There is nothing as good as a hot mug of coffee as soon as you wake up.
especially if you wake with a sore throat!
My darling GJ gets up and makes me 2 (one is never enough and they are small cups!!!) cups of coffee before he gets in the shower. So all I have to do is sit up and drink my steaming hot coffee.
After this I can face the morning ritual(chaos) of getting 3 kids ready for the day.
On the weekends GJ has a sleep in and I fend for myself. Georgia (bless her heart) has tried to make me a coffee:- imagine 4 heaped teaspoons of coffee, 1/2 cup of milk and the rest of tap hot water. Another time she added chocolate and sugar, just in case I could like it. Of course I smile and drink it as she watches. I have told her that I am worried that she will burn herself and I would be happy with a morning snuggle instead.
I am not very refined with my coffee taste, I like Moccona instant, made by Douwe Egberts, a Sara Lee company (I hope they have it in China!!!!). I am not a fan of cappuccino, latte's etc. If I am out I will have a Mocha.
I have only started drinking coffee again after a 7 year break. The week I found out I was pregnant with Georgia I woke up and could not stand coffee or diet coke (I was addicted to this) and turned into a soda water (Schweppes )and tea (Twinnings English Breakfast) junkie, oh and any champagne when not pregnant!!! I would only drink these 3 things....
I still think Coke is disgusting but now have 3 coffees in the morning, a tea after dinner and 3 litres of soda water a day - I am not exaggerating, I drink this much water every day, carrying it home from the supermarket is a nightmare!!!!

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Laurel Wreath said... must in my household. There have been morning (I was not such a sunshine) and my hubby would ask "did you have your coffee yet?".

Also as we travel, I hear boys we are not getting out we just have to stop and get Mom some coffe so we can all survive the day. Hehehehe