Monday, August 07, 2006

Party season has started

Party season has arrived.
The 1st birthday was my niece Brooke,
Happy 10th Birthday Sweetheart
I missed out on seeing the birthday girl, as Georgie was too sick to visit. We didn't want to add germs to Brooke's presents so GJ took Ben and Chelsea to visit.
The next Birthday is Robbies, on Tuesday 8th August. We had an early party for him on Sunday night. The kids just love a family party and get so much joy in all the preparations.
This year we are covering the table with white paper and then painting decorations. Georgia painted all the writing on the table and got up to 1 balloon before she got too tired.

Georgia's table decorating

The finished decorating

Chelsea blew up the balloons and we tied them up and put the banner up as well. We had some cute Dragonfly lights up over the table which don't show up in the photo. On your Birthday the rule is that you get to choose your favorite dinner, Robbbie chose his all time favorite-Corn Beef/silverside-much to the kids disgust. The kids always pick the type of cake and icing. We had Chocolate mud cake with purple icing and marshmallow flowers.

Birthday cake

After dinner Rob was lucky enough to have 2 kids rumble him and play horsey with him. Ben was also pleased to have something soft and warm to wipe his messy, dribbly face on.

Sleeping beauty

Poor Georgia is still sick, she lasted until dinner was served and managed to eat one bite of a baked potato before curling up on the lounge and falling asleep. Her fever spiked at 101.5 degrees, the poor little thing has a rough trot the last 2 weeks.

We went to the Dr's this morning for a check up. I haven't taken her before as there is usually nothing they can do for vomiting and the flu, but when she got so hot and had a blotchy rash on her body we decided that it was time. The Dr feels that it just a virus, and has prescribed nothing but Dymadon. He wanted a sample just in case, now that was an adventure and a half....

Imaging a small dark cubicle (probably filled with a gazillion germs) with me crouched down trying to catch and Ben fascinated, trying to push me out of the way so he can see better and Georgia with a severe case of stage fright. Needless to say the Dr did not get a sample.

Georgia is desperate to get back to school, she was upset about not going and Chelsea was upset about going..... I can't win.

Georgia has lost 2.5 kg in the last week, when you only weigh 25kgs it is a lot. I have just worked it out in my head, it would be like me loosing 7kg in 1 week (daydream, day dream :) .........).


Jen3 @ Amazing Triplets said...

Oh poor Georgia. I'm so sorry to see that she is still feeling poorly - and that she's lost so much weight.

The party decorations look GREAT!

Laurel Wreath said...

Great decorations. I am sorry your princess is not feeling well. Poor baby. Hope she is feeling better today.