Saturday, December 09, 2006

Chelsea's School work

Chelsea has got one week to go on her first year of formal education. At the start of the year she could write her name and read and write out the alphabet; she probably could spell about 15-20 words. In this one year she has learnt an amazing amount. This is a page from her journal (the class write in their journal every morning)

"To Santa
Is Rudolph sick? I hope he isn't because if he is he won't be able to take you around the world. Can I please have my two front teeth and a Happy New Year"

Another great thing that Chelsea's class does is fortnightly talks. Every term the class is issued with a themed list of projects. The kids have to create the project them present it to the class as a talk.
The last talk of the term was about how Christmas is celebrated in your home or in another country (What you do on the day, not Christianity).
We cheated a little and rehashed a project of Georgia's, and Chelsea added the section on Christmas in Jakarta.

Christmas in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Indonesia is filled with mostly Muslim people who don’t celebrate Christmas like we do in Australia.

Muslims celebrate Ramadan.

When we live in Jakarta we will still have Christmas like we do here in Brisbane

There will not be any Christmas light displays to look at and Santa doesn’t visit the shops for photos.

Santa will still come to us if we have been good through the year.

It will be hot in Jakarta at Christmas, like it is in Brisbane.

Chelsea’s Christmas schedule

  • 4.15 Wake up and check that Santa has been
  • 5.30 Wake up Tan Tan and Janny and get dressed
  • 5.45 Coffee for grown ups, cinnamon toast and juice for kids and
  • 7.00 Play with presents
  • 9.30 Swim time
  • 10.30 Fry up BBQ on deck (Bacon, eggs tomatoes and mushrooms)
  • 11.00 Play with presents and rest for grown ups
  • 2.30 Uncle Robbie arrives with Roger. Grandad, and all my Aunts, Uncles and all my cousins arrive.
  • 3.00 Swim time
  • 3.30 Drinks and cocktails on deck
  • 4.00 Christmas feast begins. Prawns, oysters and other revolting stuff for adults, chips, ham and custard for kids
  • 7.00 Bed time for Ben, secret night swim for Georgia, Tan Tan and Chelsea
  • 7.30 Bed time for all girls

As we worked all this out, we realised that for the first time in many, many years we will have all the immediate relatives from both sides of the family all together for Christmas. It is going to be one of the best Christmases ever!!!!!!!

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Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

Awesome letter!!! That has got to be the cutest note to Santa I have ever read! It looks like you are going to have a wonderful Christmas.

All the best! :)