Friday, December 01, 2006

I'm back....

I did 2 years of fencing at high school. My teacher had the same first and last name with a ST in between. He was very nice to me. Bad, bad mistake to be nice to only one girl at a small all-girls school. I was mortified. He didn’t come back for a third year. I don’t know why this just popped into my head.

I survived surgery; it was so surreal. One moment I was chatting with a nurse in the theatre (I chat EVERYWHERE) the next I blinked and I was chatting in a different room to a different nurse.
My surgery lasted 8 minutes……I wasn’t even in any real discomfort. I am just too healthy. I did try to get an overnight stay; but they all just laughed and sent me home, to 3 tired kids, a 40 degree heat wave and a house full of packing- how mean!!!!!.
I had previously signed up for an afternoon of craft with Chelsea’s class the day after surgery. This was a big mistake as it was so hot and the effects of the general anesthetic lingered on for the all of that day. I was very groggy and placid, which was probably a good thing when helping 40, 5-7 yr olds stamp out reindeer paintings. LOL

I am still amazed at what a general anesthetic feels like. The room was filled with people all chatting with one another and going about their business. You are a part of it and all of a sudden you are gone….I almost want a recording to see what my DR sung- Dr Price sang “ ditty’s” all through Ben’s birth, goodness knows what he was doing through these 8 minutes.

We have had some bad news, but from that some good has happened. My late brothers, best friend’s, father has passed away. We have remained very close to this family and were very sad to hear of Reg’s passing. Reg was diagnosed with the same disease that claimed my father, not long after Nicholas died. The funeral will be held in Queensland, and as such Mum and Tan Tan are flying up today. We will only have Sat afternoon till Mon afternoon, but how exciting!!!!

I have spent the last day and a half not packing, but tidying up the house. Even though I explicitly told the real estate agent that I would not allow people to come through until after the 10 of December, we have two different families coming through at 10 am today. Apparently they are expat families (like what we will be!) from Sth Africa and the UK.
We have tentatively decided on a date to leave for Jakarta, Saturday January 13th. Until our permanent visas come through we can not make any definite plans. We can not ship our belongings until we have all our paperwork complete (otherwise we will have to pay import duty). Until we have this we can not book the removalists, or lock in a date for tenants to move into our home. I really want to be in Jakarta by Monday the 22nd as this is the first day at school and I want the girls to be there for that.

I am so very tired, yet am having trouble sleeping and am waking up way too early. I like to be very organized. I like plans, lists, schedules etc. All this unknowing-ness is playing havoc with me.

The girls are very excited that they will be attending a new church this Sunday. The girls friends (1 sister in each of the girls classes) have invited them to attend their church and Sunday school this Sunday. They are already planning what note book, pencil, bag etc to take as well as what pretty dress to wear. They have told me that they have to look nice for God.

We were very pleased to hear that my nephew Jeremy has not broken his leg. The Dr’s all thought that he had broken his tibia, but it turns out it was just a mark on a “growth plate”. He and his family are booked on a Christmas cruise departing in a week’s time. I was a very mean Aunt and left him an evil phone message assuring him that I would look after him and help him with showering etc and let him stay here if he couldn’t go on the cruise in a wheel chair. What difference would it be to rocking him to sleep as a newborn or changing his nappy as a toddler…..Jeremy is now a 6’2" tall, 14year old with a footballer’s physique! Now I was JOKING, but I would liked to of seen his face as he listened to my message. His Mother and Father thought that it was very funny.

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lrlwreath said...

Welcome back I am glad things went well for you. It seems like it takes a few days after surgery to regain strength.

I am sorry for the loss of your brother's friend's Dad. I know it is tough. Enjoy the short time with family.