Friday, December 29, 2006

I thought I would do a "the making of the 2006 Christmas family photo" special.

To get this one great photo, Rob took over 50 shots.

Here we are trying out different positions and keeping Ben in the photo.

But then..........Steven......a huge splash....

I love how we all have our mouths open screaming in shock.....

I am saying to the boys here " the hair, the makeup, don't wet me......"
Of course they were all laughing hysterically.
We have learnt from past years that photos with wet hair and no makeup, although are nice and natural, are not what you want enlarged to 11x14" and hung on the wall!

The splash monster........

While I was waiting for these photos to upload I went to one of my favourite blogs- Knee deep in Munchkinland and saw Jens photos of a blizzard over Christmas. I was struck by the difference between our Christmas's- Stinkin hot and humid here and bitterly cold over there!

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