Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Chocolate fountain ............Chocolate volcano!

The kids were delighted the other night when the chocolate fountain exploded like a chocolate volcano.....
Someone let their skewer fall in and it got sucked into mechanics, the fountain was not impressed and went off.
Chocolate flew
(except the curtains thank goodness!).

Ben caught most of it on his spider man outfit. It was just pure luck that I had the camera out as it erupted LOL

You can actually see the chocolate flying in the first shot.

The kids all want to know when we can do it again!

Thank goodness I had Samino here to help clean up the huge mess........


Shannon said...

That is too funny! What luck you had the camera ready.

narpen said...

hahahaha, what a nice life u have there :)
*just a blogwalker, googling and looking for chocolate fountain in bandung :D