Thursday, March 13, 2008

GJ jinxed us again

GJ struck again yesterday.
He made a sweeping statement of "the rainy season is over"....................

This is similar to the time touring around central Java he decided to take a shortcut through a village. He turned around after five minutes and said 'What are you worried about, this road is great!" Two minutes later we were driving the Serena up the inside of a rough creek bed that was supposed to be a main road LOL.

Yesterday, after picking up the girls, we made a quick stop of at Hero, the local supermarket. It was pretty dark for 3.30pm but no more than the usual afternoon clouds. We were inside Hero for about 8 minutes when we heard the thunder and the rain start.
We spent about 15 minutes in the shop and then loaded the car up in the pouring rain.

As we left the car park we were driving through about 15cm of water which was rising rapidly!
We found that the road was closed, the river was over the road and there was only one way out and that was to power across the intersection through one foot+ of water.

We drove through a posh part of Kemang looking for streets not flooded so as to get home, this was after 10 minutes of rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The girls were screaming with joy, yelling out "cepat cepat" to Yadi, which means faster faster! They thought they were in a speed boat making a huge wake.

I was busy rummaging through my hand bag for my camera. I try never to be without my small compact, but alas no SD card or battery and I couldn't get my hand phone on as little madam Georgie had changed some settings!

We finally got out of the suburb Kemang and were nearly home. We had to cross one more river before we got there and were amazed to find it breaking its banks. The river had risen over 2.5 feet in about 20 minutes of rain.

We were ringing GJ telling him to leave the office now!
Get a taxis and try and get home asap.........This was a 4.05pm.
Yadi's home was already thigh deep with water through the ground floor and we wanted GJ home.

I remember years ago trying to describe how heavy the rains were in sub-tropical Queensland compared to Sydney or Melbourne...

There is no way to describe the ferocity of an Indonesian rain storm!

GJ made it home at 5.35pm...and wanted to know what the fuss was about....not much traffic, great trip home and the river a good one foot below its banks............


treespotter said...

rubber boat. need them.

toldya to stay home and enjoy me instead (on chat, i mean).

Blondie said...

Oh, I can sympathise about the wet. Queensland has had so much rain in the past few months that I actually missed the heat of the sun.

Last week I was walking to my class, when I felt the sun on my body for the first time in what seemed like weeks and I couldn't get enough of it. I wanted to take the lesson on the grass outside my classroom - but alas, I put my teacher mask on and went inside. Bummer.

Keep dry!

Heidi said...

Have GJ use his powers on us. It's been crispy dry here.

Shannon said...

I was in Joyga for the rains but when i got back the neighbors were all happy to tell us about the 3+ hour commute home that day.