Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I am now 32+++

This was my surprise birthday presents.
I have long admired these over-sized goblet ice bucket and now have my very own!
I was asked if it was for a very large greedy serve of champagne.... I have been to a few parties and seen these filled with ice with a few select bottles!
The picture frame was also a nice surprise. I was fascinated when I first saw these months ago and set about folding paper to achieve the same look at a fraction of the cost...to no avail.
I can not make my hands do what my brain wants them to do, they are craft challenged fingers!

The ++++ in my title refers to the practice of adding a ++ after the price on just about everything in Indonesia.

In Australia we are used to the advertised price being all inclusive. Here the final price can be over 21% more than the advertised price......sales tax as well as service charge need to be added.

I have decided to adopt this practice for my age, every year is just another +


Anonymous said...

you need to add a few more ++++++

Jen Jen in Jakarta, Indonesia said...

Dear younger BIL

Go back re read. Put your comprehension hat on and grab a calculator...then apologize!