Sunday, November 16, 2008

I will be finished uni exams at 11.40am on Wednesday the 19th November.

I might be able to reclaim my life then.

Here is an excerpt from a recent email that sums up my mental state.......

My uni exams start next week and I am beyond stressed, not really even human.......GJ just smiles at me and nods at what ever I say.....clever man!
Nearly 17 years of hard labour (whoops marriage) has taught him well....
It is prohibition here at the moment....all imported food confiscated because of the Chinese milk scandal (not really, it is an election in March and with the financial crisis there is a lack of funds, so every one taking every thing and you have to pay bribes to get it back........). So no decent food and the only thing to drink is cask wine..........
Our list of wants in no particular order:
roast lamb with rosemary
BBQ roast chicken
wine in a bottle
champagne with bubbles
fresh meat
GXXXXXXXX (famous local Indian shop) butter chicken
junk mail
Christmas carols
frankfurters/cheerio's/little boys
real sausages
lettuce that won't kill
shoes.......BXXXXXXXXXX will explain the importance of this one..........
honey beef and beans, yes your mums recipes, still one of my FAVOURITES!
I would like a bit of non mosque loudspeaker time too...if I can mention this with out sounding whingee.......
Speak soon


Shannon said...

You poor thing! Good luck with the exams! You know I meant to ask for access to your other blog (curiosity wondered how the Aussie degree is different from the Yank version I have) Hang in there it wil be over soon and you can always drink Bintang (GAGGING SOUNDS!) if there is nothing else.

BTW I miss the sounds of the mosque loud speakers, how's that for irony?

Tanya said...

I empathise I sat exams as an adult student with kids, a household and a husband to run a few years ago...argghhh....should get marks just for turning up with mind intact!!Goodluck I will be thinking of you!

Jakarta Rocks said...

I saw a roast chicken in Ranch today (my second visit in a year). The rest - can't help you. Had to settle for romano cheese today.

Amanda said...

Good luck with the exams!

I'm so not looking forward to going back to the mosque loudspeaker. My son wakes up as soon as he hears those in the mornings!

Devi said...

Good luck for the exams! And yes, I have the same thought with you regarding that deliberately-too-loud mosque speakers. It seems that they desperately try to force lots of people to listen LOL.