Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Jakarta Opera, The Magic Flute

The girls and I attended the opera on Saturday night, Georgie is now a huge fan. Chelsea lasted until 10 minutes before the end......luckily she had her iPod.

We went to a magnificent theater at the British International School, the theater was opened earlier this year by Prince Andrew, we half wished the Prince Charles might come, but no he didn't.

Here is a link to another attendee, with better photos, and a interesting commentary.


treespotter said...
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treespotter said...

sorry, jen, the link you posted is broken :)

looks like a fun night!

Jen Jen in Jakarta, Indonesia said...

All fixed now :)

Jason said...

BIS is a great school, but at US$15,000 /year per student is just ridiculous!
I paid $10k / semester at college about 9 years ago, so taking into account inflation, its prob 13 - 14k today.
we're not even talking college here, its primary and seconday school for goodness sake.
12 years x 15,000 + inflation + extra curricular activities + school trips + dedicated car and driver = us$200,000 / child for high school.

Jen Jen in Jakarta, Indonesia said...

I agree Jason, is is exorbitantly expensive; it would cost US$58k for this year, for my three kids, excluding uniforms, excursions etc.

Which is why they don't go there.....

But the quality of the education is magnificent, there are standards and checks and seriously good teachers.

I am paying a third of the price and are getting about the third of the quality of education, hence why I am presently doing a teaching degree.

I will be working until retirement for my kids education.....Ben should graduate in approx 2025.

The skills that kids learn in primary schooling are the basis for all their future learning. If they don't have basic numeracy or literacy skills they are seriously disadvantaged.

There is not that many other options for English only speaking kids.

Dilligaf said...


I agree with all of your comments regarding BIS.

I am however fortunate as I agreed a deal as part of my package for employment here that all school fee's would be covered by my company.

It was of utmost importance in my mind that my daughters education take priority over everything else, a decision I do not regret.

I could have opted for more money in my bank account and an alternative school, but I am happy that I chose the option I did.

Good luck with the degree.

PS. I saw you on the evening, it was not until I opened the blog and saw your photograph that I recognised why you seemed familiar.