Thursday, November 27, 2008

Picassa 3, from Google

Look what I made...great idea for Christmas cards.

I have loved Google's Picassa program for ages, especially their grid collages, but this new collage feature is the best.I have seen a few of these collages around Jakarta recently, all framed wonderfully and have been tempted to make my self learn PS, but Picassa has rescued me!

I can teach you how to care, manage, program and operate most Noritsu machines from the last 30 years. I am well versed in the setup and use of Noritsu's photo editing soft ware, and because of this I am totally unable to use Adobe Photo Shop (well I suppose I could if I tried.....).

This took me under a minute to create and looks wonderful printed. As you can imagine, I take a lot of photos and have physically run out of room/walls/shelves to display them all. These collages look fantastic enlarged and framed; you get the benefit from all the photos in an eye catching wow look.

The best thing about this photo editing software is that it is FREE, and from a known and reliable source. It is also very simple to use.

( I am in NO way associated with google, this is just a personal opinion)


Shannon said...

I just wish picassa worked with apple. I may have to start blogging from my husbands pc just so I can use picassa.

treespotter said...

i really like the new version too. If you use Picasaweb (instead of Flickr) then it's truly wonderful :)

Amanda said...

Hey! That looks really good. I must go try it out.

Jakarta Rocks said...

Come on woman, update your posts - the exams are over - what is your excuse?