Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brunch at the Ritz Carlton, Jakarta

We don’t often tend to go out to restaurants at night, we could here in Jakarta as we have access to a driver and cheap childcare, we just prefer to have family friendly dinner parties/BBQ with our circle of friends.

We like to save up and go to the big balls (Irish Ball in March booked and paid for!!!! German ball and British Fashion Ball coming up in April and May) as well as do family groups for brunch.

Sunday Brunch is institution in Jakarta; all the big hotels offer it.

I think that the Ritz Carlton does it the best!

Brunch starts at noon and is supposed to go until 3pm (we get very politely asked to leave a lot later lol) and all have an option of free flow sparkling wine etc with a scrumptious buffet.

Last month we tried something new at the Ritz Carlton, a private room for Chinese New Year.

WOW, what a great idea it was.

There is no extra charge, as long as there is a minimum of eight adults.

The service, as usual, was superb and we had a great time.

There was no background noise and not a hint of disgusting smoke.

We were recently introduced to the Martini Brunch @ Prime , also in the Ritz Carlton.

WOW very, very nice but not suitable for kids—it is quiet, sophisticated and refined. Our usual group of co-brunchers (do you like my cool new word I just made up lol) has a minimum of 10+ kids….I can’t see the Ritz welcoming us back if we let them loose in the Martini brunch!

We are having an adults only Valentines day brunch this weekend at the Martini Brunch.

I will take photos!

Brunch in a private room at the Airlangga Restaurant, Ritz Carlton Jakarta.
What do you do when you are asked to go home from Brunch at the Ritz continue the party at home. This turned out to be an 11 hour brunch......I think you should be able to see that we all love to brunch; oh, and that I need to buy a slightly bigger chess set!


desertmonsoon said...

Brunch is very popular here in the UAE as well but it is on Fridays.

Most of the big hotels have Friday Brunch and it usually includes activities for kids. I think it is a really nice idea.

BTW - thanks for visiting my blog

Amanda said...

WOW! We live in the same country but what a difference! Over here, the word brunch does not exist. There is only one hotel that's nice but their kitchen is always "sold out" of half the menu.

I must visit Jakarta sometime :)

Kristina said...

Unfortunately, brunch is not very popular here in Nebraska, USA! I do, however, love long get-togethers with dear friends and their kids. Drinks, food, laughing-till-you-cry! How fun! Your kids always look like they are having so much fun. Take care!

Jakarta Rocks said...

And the best part - we had 15 kids at the last one (I bought 5 of them) and only the 14 year old was charged (not mine)..

What a great system.

Jakarta Rocks said...

And the best part - we had 15 kids at the last one (I bought 5 of them) and only the 14 year old was charged (not mine)..

What a great system.

Jen Jen in Jakarta, Indonesia said...


You will just have to come to Jakarta asap so we can do brunch together!