Sunday, February 08, 2009

Wireless recharging of electrical devices

A new invention, please.

I have a need; and I want someone to invent a device to fix it.

I want a nice box, (timber, leather, rattan etc) approx A4 size and about 6" (15cm) deep with a matching lid.

I want it to be connected to electricity in some wireless way.

I want to throw any electrical gadget (cameras, phones, ipod's, itouch DS's etc) the family owns in it overnight and have it recharge them.

I want no cords, no plugging in, just a simple "put it in the box" and it will happen.

How long until it is a reality?


Anonymous said...

It Is Only A Matter Of Time.......:)

Anonymous said...

I take one, please!! I get so tired of taming the electrical octopus!


Adrian Batguano said...

Much closer than you think. The new Palm Pre has an accessory called Touchstone that will do this.

It is specific to that phone, but at least it will get it rolling.

Ine Oroh said...

There is one invented actually, but it's not a box, but a pad ... shaped like a placemat. Called a 'flashpad' or 'slashpad' i think. It was featured in Registry/Indonesian Tatler last month ... try to google recharge pad. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I even have a name for it -

The CANCER box.

Paranoid - maybe - but were the first people who thought - hey, those things you light that you put in your mouth may not be good for you.