Thursday, February 12, 2009

Isn't it ironic

Prohibition has eased in Jakarta and it is now possible to buy some alcohol.

I managed to get GJ a bottle of scotch, it is favourite weekend tipple.

I personally think most spirits taste like medicine, but GJ likes them occasionally.

GJ like to drink his scotch with Dry Ginger ale and ice.

Only there is no dry ginger ale for sale in Jakarta at the moment.

No scotch and dry for GJ......

You can get tonic water, so he has switched over to the second best, the classic G&T, gin and tonic......

I think this tastes like perfume and medicine combined lol

This is classic example of our life in Indonesia.

Edit: within 3 hours of posting this I find Dry Ginger Ale!!!!!!!!!!
Now I can't find the kids fruit juice......maybe posting about it will make it appear!

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Jakarta Rocks said...

Where did you buy it? I will send Sri tomorrow (text please).

I am sure juice is at Carrefour or Ranch as we have a few 2 litre bottles in the pantry (yes - I have no idea where they came from).