Monday, June 15, 2009

The Dark Tower Series, by Stephen King

I love books, always have.
I can't live without a stack of them surrounding me.
I so am pleased that the kids have inherited the love of reading from me.

Just before we left Australia a new book shop opened close to us, they constantly had a table filled with bargains. I picked up the first three books in Stephen Kings, The Dark tower Series for about $4 each and never got around to reading them.

I can not believe I waited nearly 3 years to read them.......

It took me many bookshops (across 3 countries lol) to find books 4-7 and oh, it was worth it!!!!

Stephen King wrote the books between 1970 and 2004......Thank goodness I started to read them once the series was completed...can you imagine having to wait 34 years to get to the conclusion!

I haven't read Stephen Kings books for years, I am not usually a fan of the horror genre, but I really enjoyed this series (I would not classify this as horror at all). Many characters, including himself, have been woven through out this story. I am curious now to go and read some other books to find more of these links. I have read on the web that TV/movie rights have been picked up:

IGN Movies has reported that a film adaptation is in the works; whether it is for a movie or a television series is unknown. J. J. Abrams, who has been behind shows such as Lost and Alias, is supposedly attached to produce and direct.[5] Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, also affiliated with Lost and J. J. Abrams, have optioned the Dark Tower series from King for a reported nineteen dollars, a number that mysteriously recurs throughout the Dark Tower series of novels.[6] According to issue #923 of Entertainment Weekly, King "is an ardent supporter of the desert-island show and trusts Abrams to translate his vision" into a film franchise with Lindelof being "the leading candidate to write the screenplay for the first installment."[7]

In April 2009, both Abrams and Lindelof revealed that they would most likely begin adapting the series when Lost concludes in 2010.[11]

In May 2009, rumours emerged that Christian Bale was the top contender to play Roland.[12]

The creator of Lost doing The Dark Towers....I'll be watching it!


Anonymous said...

Me too!!! I loved the Dark Tower series! I hope the movie actually gets made!!!

Kris in Nebraska

Tanya said...

OMG I wonder if Mac knows he is a huge King and JJ Abrams fan not to mention a movie buff. Last week in Singapore we saw Star Trek Abrams latest offering and Ive gotta say it was good!

Jen Jen in Jakarta, Indonesia said...

Hi Kirs, I can't wait for it!

Hi Tanya, has he got the JJ Abrams tv series Fringe......I just finished it and it was great.

Tanya said...

Yes he has and was very happy to hear they are making a second season as many of the series we have stumbled across in the last year or so have ended up being cancelled-The Riches, Dead Like Me, Dirty Sexy Money, Pushing Daisies. Watching Justice at the moment.

rantonater said...

hey really loved your review. it summed up so many emotions that i felt whilst reading the series. check out my video blog to see my review.

i have to say though, i think jj abrams is lazy and derivative.