Thursday, June 18, 2009

Iceberg cake

Chelsea's class has just completed a term topic study on Antarctica. The kids were paired up and had to research four topic questions and then present the results to the class in a fun and informative way. Chelsea and her BFF made an iceberg cake to tie in with the theme of what early explorers ate in the Antarctic.
One child in the class has an egg allergy, so they created an egg and dairy free cake and transformed it into an iceberg floating in a sea of blue jelly with cute little penguins frolicking.
They had heaps of fun, and although we definitely won't be winning a cake decorating contest, it was a huge hit.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely darling! I'm sure her class loved it!


Tanya said...

Apparently you could see a couple of these off the southern coast of NZ a few weeks ago. Typical the year we manage to get home its the coldest in years :) The icing looks yummy!