Friday, June 26, 2009

Dr Fish, a fish pedicure.

We tried something new this week.....a fish pedicure.

I'll be the first to admit that it sounds creepy, (and for the first 2 minutes it felt spine-tingly creepy) but this was surprisingly fun and effective.

Chelsea had actually heard about it and then seen it in Singapore and wanted to try it. There is not much I won't try (except dancing on night club bars and bungee jumping) so off we went to D'brascos, a local factory outlet in Jakarta.

Chelsea and I went in while Georgia watched and squirmed in horror. Ben sat on the edge and after nearly falling in for the 4th time took his shoes off and came in too.

Georgia desperately wanted to try it yet was freaked out by it, but after some coaxing she gingerly stepped in and then didn't want to get out lol.

The tank is right at the front of the shop, by the entrance/exit, so of course we were the highlight of the day for many strangers. We are all used to being stared at 24/7, but this was a new high (it is Indonesian school holidays at the moment as well).

The fish create a tingly feeling, much like holding your leg/foot over a spa jet. The fish, Garra rufa have no teeth and live on dead and diseased skin. They can not bite nor tear skin and just suck off the old stuff. Once you get your head around the fact of live animals feeding on you it becomes quiet relaxing.

Here are some links:

This cost 35 000RP each for 15 minutes (cute 5yr old boys are free), this is about US$3.50 or AU$4.20. Chelsea decided to see if the fish would tidy up her scabby knee (this did and still does gross me out lol), they did!

We thought this was a nice way to get soft feet and will definitely being going back.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I did this in Kuala Lumpur. It's novel and, as you say, eventually relaxing.

Jen Jen in Jakarta, Indonesia said...

Susan, you and I agree on most things!