Friday, November 10, 2006

I need voice recognition software, and Alice Brady

I am going to have to blog like a business memo, so little time, so much to do and unfortunately the blog is counting the cost.....

  • I am meeting one of my closest friends today. Trina and I are going to be child free and we are going to the new Ikea store that has just opened. It is the biggest in the southern hemisphere.
  • GJ has just bought me my first laptop!! Yippee. He can salary sacrifice(tax/financial mumbo jumbo) the cost which makes it half price.
  • I finally found a way to tell GJ that I have spent $300 on hiring a treadmill for 2.5 months. I told Georgia that it was a secret and not to tell Daddy; 8 minutes later he knew. I have a good gym membership, but no time to visit. And I now need to lose 11kg, not the 10 from last month.
  • I have discovered that when you are busy packing, the ironing still needs to be done and food still needs to be cooked. This is why I need Alice from the Brady Bunch to come and live with us.
  • Jakarta real estate agents must have CIA training; how else would GJ and I be getting calls on our home number and our mobiles. How on earth do they know who we are let alone how to contact us. ( the only thing we can think of is that the hotel (employees), that will be our temporary accommodation is giving out our info for a kickback.
  • The girls are being SOOO naughty. Well, I have to ask them to do things 5-6 times. They also can't walk past each other without poking and prodding the other. This of course leads to full on war......... I lost it yesterday and in a very calm, controlled, demented voice informed them that they had no further chances. It was wooden spoon time for the next week if behaviour were not perfect!!!! They have already lost all TV and computer privileges until the end of November for a previous infraction.
  • On a lighter note, Ben now copies me and runs around after the girls shouting, "Manners!" and "behaviour!"
  • I am pulling everything out and sorting it into 3 piles, Storage, Ship and Donate. As I go through things my little gorgeous cheeky boy, Benjamin John Nicholas helps. So do the girls when they get home from school. They are finding toys hidden at the back of cupboards and are so excited. We had a couple come over to look at my car the other day and as they walked through the house I saw it from their perspective. Oh my goodness we are ferals, or it looks like we are.
  • I need to take photos for the real estate agent for the web advertising. I now have to clean and clear then pack. I have included photos of the kids toy room and the family room to show that I am not exaggerating.....Every room in the house looks like a bomb has gone off.


Laurel Wreath said...

It seems like the kids act up when there is a lot going on! At least in my household. I love the new colors of your blog and the updated sides =))

Kaci said...

OH MY! I certainly empathize - we're in a similar getting-ready-to-move mode at our place. What with the dog and Halfpint, I'm losing it! ;o)

Munchkin Land said...

It sounds like you have a ton going on right now! Thanks for the glimpse into your busy, busy life! =)

brad said...

I've seen messes like that. Did the kids tell you they got out their toys so it would be easier to sort them for packing? (That's supposed to be funny.)

"Alice from the Brady Bunch"
Yes, that IS who you need. Exactly. At least until the move is done.