Thursday, November 16, 2006

The new Borders at Chermside, paradise!

I had a new experience yesterday, a Borders bookshop has opened at my local mall. I have heard all about these mega book shops, but had never been to one before. I drove past the one in Singapore, but didn't get a chance to go in.
I was blown was huge and filled to the brim with every imaginable type of book. I could spend a month in there, it was like paradise. is the cruel irony, we are moving in 5 weeks......
I only bought 3 books, 2 Indonesian travel/language books and another copy of The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold. I lent out my original copy and haven't ever received it back.
I am limiting my self to 100 books in our container to Jakarta. It is going to be so hard to narrow my library down to so few. At least when we eventually return to Australia, it will be nice to rediscover all the other books


brad said...

Kind of like putting some of the kids toys away for a few months then getting them out later and they enjoy them like they're new.

Kaci said...

I love, love, love Borders and Barnes & Noble. I can easily spend an entire afternoon in either! They also usually have little kid-corners, so my Halfpint enjoys the trips, as well -- ours has trainsets, reading groups, etc.