Tuesday, November 21, 2006

quick update for Tuesday 21.11.2006

I just have time for a really quick update. I am running around like crazy at the moment, and I don't think that this frantic pace will stop until March next year!

Chelsea has lost her very first tooth, she was so excited. The tooth fairy left $3.85!!!!

He is Ben playing with the Nativity scenes, and Santa figurines. Every time it goes quite I find him in the lounge playing with all the "Cwhrissmiss" things.

Isn't it amazing at what makes us happy at different stages of your life! GJ bought me this magnificent roll of bubble wrap home and I was ecstatic!! It is bigger than me.

I have sad news about my Dads Christening gown, The rats have got to it. This is a hand made traditional gown for a newborn to be Christened in. The work was exquisite. The girls wore it and now it is ruined. I am going to send it back to Mum to see if she thinks it could be repaired. It is a plain side panel that was chewed. We think that the gown is over 70 years old. The gown that I was christened in is still perfect, thank goodness. I will also be sending it back to Sydney for Mum to safe keep.

School lunch box's
I could write a weeks worth of posts on packing school lunches. It is a challenge to get a healthy mix everyday and make sure that every one gets their favourites. This week Georgia likes ham sandwiches, grapes, a peach and savoury biscuits. Chelsea likes a nutella sandwich with the crusts removed, apricot squares and a peeled and cored apple (must be green) and sweet biscuits. Ben has a Vegemite sandwich cut into small squares with no crusts, grapes, sultanas, corn niblets, sliced cheese and crackers with cheesy dip. They all usually only have water to drink, one bottle for their desk and one in their lunch bags. On this day, as a treat they got a frozen poppa of juice.
Now this is all subject to change; they might love something one week and detest it another!
The rules we have are that they must always have a serve of fruit and it must be eaten! They also have to eat their sandwich before any of the nicer stuff. They don't get lollies, cakes, chips or any high fat or sugary foods. We have special insulated bags for the lunches. Queensland schools do no have fridges or AIR CONDITIONING, and even in winter the bags need ice bricks to keep things fresh. It will be a challenge in Indonesia to be able to keep the lunch box's interesting and filled with familiar things.

I have got up from my desk 9 times in the course of writing this. I feel that if I am disturbed one more time I will scream like a banshee and fall to the floor and have a good old fashioned tantrum!!!! Is it too much to ask for 10-15 minutes?

My laptop arrived last week it is beautiful, all silver and new. We have no time to set it all up and connect it; we also have no flat surfaces on which to do so-LOL

I am now ringing around trying to find overseas removalists. I would imagine that it is going to be a huge cost involved in packing, insuring and moving a 40ft container, some of this cost would convert to a profit. So why is it out of the 4 large companies that I have emailed and rung
only one has got back to me? I do not have time for inefficiency!!!!!

I am having a day surgery tomorrow; GJ is taking the day off work to come with me. I am going back to the ob/gyn that delivered Ben. A very nice LAID back Dr who has told me to take an nurofen (supermarket painkiller) 5 minutes before my appointment and he will do the procedure in his rooms. During my research on the Internet I noticed that a lot of women in USA get a general anesthetic for this! GJ reckons that if I can pop a 4.5kg (9'9") in 2 hours and 2 pushes with no drugs, this will be a cinch! I would rather the drugs!
At this particular second in time a small general anaesthesia, and over night in hospital (in my own room, with room service) and a good strong painkiller sounds like heaven!


Munchkin Land said...

Wow, $3.85 for a tooth? Very impressive. I was lucky to get $.50 or a $1 for my teeth. =) You will be in my thoughts and prayers for your surgery tomorrow... Please keep us posted!

Jenny in Queensland said...

You can tell that the tooth fairy had a male stand-in that night! LOL
Unfortunately the precedent has been set, we might need a bank loan for all the future visits!
I am showing my age to admit that I got 20 cents for my teeth!