Monday, November 06, 2006

Nits and packing and Tokyo

We have 5 weeks left of the school year and I thought that we were going to have a nit free year.....Despite all the precautions I take, Georgie brought home a new pet; yes she named him Joe.
The girls and I have the softest, silky, fine, dead straight hair you can imagine, sounds nice but impossible to do anything with. I put heaps of stuff in to make it "bouffier" and coarse. If there is a nit within a 1 km radius it will find our heads. ( yes "ours" the girls always share with me)
  • I rarely wash the girls hair in Summer, the pool cleans it and I condition it a couple of times a week; Nits like clean hair
  • The girls never go to school without their hair tied back and plaited; nits like to jump from loose hair to another head.
  • The water spray has Tea tree oil added; nits don't like this smell
  • The girls hair is waxed, moussed and covered with hair spray every morning before school; nits don't like crunchy, stiff hair
So after I spent an hour treating all the heads in the house, I stripped all the beds and washed 4 sets of sheets and 18 pillowcases and lots of towels...........

Here is Chelsea in the midst of her comb through treatment.

This is the girls just before school, as usual there is not an escaped hair anywhere.

I will be repeating this whole process on Tuesday evening, Friday evening and again on next Sunday. I have learnt that if you don't keep treating and washing at least a couple of times that instead of finding 1 lice and 5 nits we will be infested with 100's of little critters. Are you scratching yet?, I am!!!!!! LOL

GJ has just found out he is off to Tokyo in about a week, for a week. I am SOOO jealous. I have never been to Japan and would really like to go. He will also need to fit in a trip to Germany and Singapore before Feb next year....its a hard life for some!

I have started sorting and packing. It looks like a bomb has gone off. Every time I turn my back Ben helps me by unpacking everything....... It is going to take me forever to go through our home. Every 380Msq (4100Fsq) is packed with toys and stuff and more stuff. I am finding it very cathartic, I am giving all my baby things to Lisa and De. I am being so ruthless.
I was asked if we were going to have a garage sale, but I have decided that I am going to give everything away. I think that I have got to the age where giving gifts is much more fun than receiving them. ( except for you GJ, I still love you giving me things!!! hint, hint)

As you have probably gathered we have verbally accepted the post in Jakarta. We are now waiting on the contracts to be drawn up, checked and signed. GJ would probably be starting the new job on the 1st of February2007. We will hope to arrive in very early January. The school year starts on Jan 22nd, I would like to be there for that.
We have found a great small school for the kids that we could afford and which will give us a discount in exchange for me volunteering there for a couple of days a week.


Kaci said...

How exciting! Jakarta came thru! YIPPEE! We're likely to move in a month or two, so I've been going thru everything, as well. We've already carted off two carloads of donation items!

Laurel Wreath said...

I am so excited for you. I will be excited to hear all about your adventures.

Munchkin Land said...

Wow! Nits, huh?! I think I too would totally be dousing my kids heads with whatever I could find and braiding them as tightly as I could. Oh my!!

Jen3 @ Amazing Triplets said...

Oh yuck!! So sorry to hear about the nit problem ... although she really looks lovely with her "do".

Good luck with all of your travels & adventures ... how wonderful to see the world! :)

brad said...

More adventures in Jakarta, and it's what you wanted to do. Good luck.

The program I use to check for blog updates lost you. I guess when you updated. I have to catch up.

brad said...

We haven't been blessed with lice yet. At least you know how to handle them. You are always organized.