Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jakarta arrival part 2

Jakarta, I think I am going to love living here (most of the time)!

Our first day was a trip to the shops for supplies. I was interested in the shop Kem chick, an expat oriented supermarket I had heard about. There was a great variety, but it was horrendously expensive. Our driver then took us to Pasaraya Grande so we could get a phone; I feel in love with these shops.
We didn’t shop as we were just doing essentials, but boy oh boy do I want to go back. We saw a huge floor of Indonesian handicrafts and traditional items. The girls and I oh’ed and ar’ed over it all while GJ told us we had years in which to shop and to get a move on.
We needed school bags and lunch box etc and had to travel through the shoe departments.
OH MY GOODNESS I have never seen so many shoes. There was a whole floor of just men shoes!
The city of Jakarta sometimes has the same population as the whole of Australia which is why I think there is so much variety.
We have had two visits to GJ’s office to meet everyone. The kids were a huge hit. They have brought forward GJ’s start date to next Monday. The CEO has his wife and the HR manager on hand to organize everything ASAP as they want GJ settled in and ready to work hard.
We have ordered a car, a Nissan Serena which will be ready next week, how quick is that!
We visited the school on Monday for a quick visit, unfortunately Chelsea was overwhelmed and got a little upset. But now that she has met her teacher, finished her homework for the week, and has her new bag, pencil case and lunch box she is happy about her first day, tomorrow (Wed).
Today we had the immigration appointment, my first every fingerprinting. Ben was watched by a hall full of people as he was fingerprinted, it was so cute. I don’t think I have ever had to sign my name so many times (I had to do all the kids as well).
We are off to view homes tomorrow. A, the CEO’s wife has been checking out brokers/real-estate agents and narrowing down the choices to suitable ones only, and in our price range.
We are slowly getting used to the time difference ( -3 hours), the only time it is a problem is when we wake up at the usual time and it is 3am.


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