Saturday, January 27, 2007

Washing clothes

I discovered something about my self at Robs house;
I love washing.
This comes in particularly handy when I have three kids and a passion for white linen and towels.

Rob has been introduced to the delight of quality sheets and towels by yours truly. I have mentioned before how Rob is not interested in the choosing, just the using. I get to choose all his furnishings for him (it is a great, fun job spending someone else’s money LOL)

While Rob has high personal grooming standards he is let down in the washing arena. Rob washes when he runs out of clothes and then just chucks everything in his washer for a cycle and then tosses them over a line to drive when he remembers. Clothes that sit in a washer for more than 1-2 hours in Brisbane’s stinkin hot summer smell disgusting. Men don’t seem to notice this…..
I had a great time soaking all his white sheets, mattress protectors, towels etc and getting them up to my fastidious standards. I got so much satisfaction from seeing everything blowing on the line, blindingly white with a lovely fresh smell.

It is amazing how such little things can make me happy.

I have finally met someone else with my particular clothes line habit. My neighbor in Brisbane also colour co-ordinates her pegs. Every row of the clothesline must have the same colour pegs and all similar items must be hung together, with everything smoothed out and hung the right way.
This then follows on to my linen press, you guessed it, it is labeled!
A shelf for each size sheets and a row for fitted and a row for flat sheets all clearly labeled of course.

I have promised to write out and instruction sheet for Rob to follow for washing. Little things like separate your whites and wash with hot water and a spoon full of Napisan, cold wash for blacks etc

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