Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My new job

I have had a great first two days at my new volunteer job
(I work 4 mornings a week at the school to qualify for a fee reduction).
The school is very small, only 120 kids from nursery to grade 7.
I have spent most of my time in Chelsea's class, the grade 2/3 class.
The ethnic diversity is wonderful in the school. The kids are being exposed to so many different cultures which I feel is so important.
Phonics is an area where a lot of the kids from non English speaking background fall down in.
I helped out at the girls old school with the "Jolly Phonics" program over the last three years and am quite familiar with it.
So I am now the Phonics aide!
I get to do this program with small groups of ESOL kids 4 mornings a week. I think that this program is going to really benefit these children.


lrlwreath said...

That is awesome. Also it allows you to see how your children are adjusting to everything. What is the main language spoken there?

Jenny in Queensland said...

The school is all taught in English and most of the children use English in the playground. A child has to have a very basic understanding of English to be able to enroll. Learning support is given to the kids to achieve this standard. I think most of the kids can speak English, but some have a problem with reading and writing in English. I am spending a bit of time with the most wonderful little boy from Papua New Guinea.