Thursday, January 04, 2007

quick, boring update

On Thursday night at 9.15pm J left, 5.5 days after he arrived.
I am still in shock that he was even here!!!!

I have spent the day scrubbing.
For example I was on my knees poking behind toilets with OLD toothbrushes.
I want to know why I am doing this for strangers who will be living in my home, when I don't do it that often for my own family.
I am going to have to reflect on this.

Our departure date has been pushed out, we will now be leaving around the 19th of Jan. We have to all fly to Sydney to get our passports stamped at the Indonesian Embassy.
Our work permits will come through next week.
When we arrive we will have to be fingerprinted,
I have never had that done before!


lrlwreath said...

Take some baby wipes they help get the black off your fingers when you are finger printed. Don't wear anything white, or you will get the black on your clothes and it won't come off =))

Glad to hear your visitor left. HA!

boy I bet you are getting excited.

Devi said...

Happy New Year to you & your family Jen :)

Can hardly wait to see you here in Jakarta. Have a nice safe trip okay ;)