Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Amigos Mexican Restaurant, Jakarta

We “Blew our knickers” off at Amigos on Friday night.

“Blow you Knickers off” is a favorite saying of Tan Tan’s. If something is really good or exciting it will “blow your knickers off”.
We have adopted this phrase now and if the kids see something they will say “oh, that will Blow Aunty Tan Tan’s Knickers Off!”
Of course you have to have a suitably surprised expression on your face.

We had a family dinner at Amigos and had the best time. The restaurant was packed to the rafters. This Mexican restaurant is very family friendly, there are squealing kids running everywhere, but as most patrons own one or two or three of them nobody minds.
We introduced Janny and Tan Tan to frozen strawberry margaritas, to much applause.
The kids met up with some school friends and spent the night running around the dance floor. The band was loud and lively. Janny’s heart melted when Ben came around to our table and pulled on her hand and said “Dance”.
I think Janny was a bit shell shocked by the end of the night. The noise was very loud and the air was thick with smoke.

“Split level boot scooting, yeah ha, with an Indonesian cowboy band, topped with the entire crowd on frozen strawberry margaritas. Dance till your knickers blow off”
This was from Tan Tan

We are having so many adventures, that I don’t have time to get it down on the blog. We are taking massive amounts of photos, so once it calms down I will catch up.

So far we have explored the city (with a stop off at the antique market). Pondok Indah and Pasaraya Grande shopping centers, Mil and Mat salon creme baths, Bogor Botanical gardens (and all the handbag factories!!!!!!) as well as Kemang.
Mum and Tan are exhausted so we are only going to do a half day trip to the supermarket followed by an afternoon around the pool.

The three of us

Ben pulling on Janny's hand to dance with him.

Ben and I are pulling the BYKO face

Cheers Tan Tan

Tan Tan and a neice (I don't know which one)

Chelsea and a school friend


The live band

Margarita time

Blow your knickers off!!!!!!

We had a table on the mezzanine level, over looking the band.
Georgia and a staff member.

More margaritas anyone?

Janny and Georgia
Chelsea and Tan Tan.
Chelsea spent part of the night taking photos of the table below, it was a huge table filled with unaccompanied men, I think Chelsea was checking out possible uncle candidates (none suitable though).

Ben and I


Ronnie said...

Good to see everyone is having a great time and getting there KNICKERS BLOWN AWAY.We cant wait to join you soon.

Laurel Wreath said...

I can't help but giggle through all the pictures....

Devi said...

It's lovely. Glad to know everyone is having good time here in Jakarta :)

Jo said...

You might be blowing your knickers off, but we are off to Morgan's today for our Good Friday SEAFOOD lunch. Wish you were here. Not the same sitting out back to the deck over looking the pool.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter. Looks like you are really enjoying your holiday with Janny & Tan Tan. Have a few margaritas for me.
Love Deb W

treespotter said...

i have to go back to Amigos one of these days and check on these blown knickers :D