Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Jeruk Bali

Last week Ibu S. cooked the great Beef Rendang......yummy. This week we are having chicken porridge-Bubur Ayam . I first heard about this dish from my blog friend Devi, and was intrigued. It sounds like a spiced chicken risotto. I will be able to tell you how good it is tomorrow...

Ibu S also bought a Jeruk Bali fruit for after the rendang. I loved it, GJ thought it was OK and of course the kids thought it was disgusting.

It is from the citrus family and has large pustules of juicy flesh. It is quite firm to bite into and then it burst in your mouth. It has more of the sharp grapefruit taste but is sweeter. It is very refreshing to eat, especially after a curry. I am also enjoying the water melon here; it is so red, sweet and juicy.

We have this vine growing in our back yard. It has now started to rapidly grow these large green fruits. I can't seem to find out what they are. Any body have any ideas?

I have all three of the kids home today, diarrhea, headaches and snot. Apparently GJ is not feeling the best in Surabaya. I am feeling fine though, which is good with 3 sick kiddos.

A highlight of the sick day has been a new DVD- Night at the Museum.

All four of us have loved it.


The MOST AMAZING SMELL is wafting out from my kitchen. I can pick out lemongrass and ginger but the rest is a divine mix........


"Blow your knickers off" click here for definition delicious.

Photos and description another day.


Laurel Wreath said...

I am sorry your family is not feeling well, hopefully it will pass soon. Love the pictures, I would be scard one of the big things would drop on my head =))

We all love the movie "Night at the Museum"!!!

Lisa McBaron said...

Hi from Lisa, catch up soon.

Pengamat said...

they are actually vegetables.. ^^ they're called "Pare" in Indonesian and do not try eating it directly if you can't stand absolute bitterness (even though on Indonesian tounges this vege is categorised as the least bitter.. I'm telling you.. to anyone who has never tasted it.. IT IS BITTER!!) But it has a lot of herbal properties (good for your health) I don't know if you can read Indonesian.. but this is a good page listing all the goodness

And they can also be made into various dishes... there are just so many recipes.. If you wanna try.. just get your cook to do it ^^

Aha here it is in the dictionary:
n. bitter melon or momordica, a green bitter and warty squashlike vegetable which grows on vines.

-Indo student in Perth

Kaci said...

I promise to come back and "really" comment later. REALLY! I'm so very tired & have only just made it through (hides head) half of your posts left since I disappeared. I'm so very happy to hear that things are going well in jakarta & can't wait to read of your further adventures (I read in order, refusing to jump ahead!) Things are going well with my family, no worries.