Monday, April 23, 2007

Amigos Mexican Restaurant, Jakarta

Click on photos to see group with captions.

We have been spending ALOT of time at Amigos lately (3 times in 9 days....). It is just as well we all love it, though I don't think that I could eat another chicken fajita any time soon, LOL
I have had my first Bloggy meeting.........We had dinner with another great Australian family that this blog introduced to us. Both of our tribes of kids were the same age and had a ball together. We were talking away madly until Elvis arrived, yes Elvis is alive and well in Jakarta...... Elvis was great fun but too loud for chatting.
Chelsea lost another tooth while we were at Amigos, the tooth fairy has been very busy here in Jakarta.


Laurel Wreath said...

Oh I am jealous. Mexican food is my favorite. Love the pictures!!!

santy said...

Hehe... Amigos. You know, Jenny, there's a term using the word Amigos, which is 'Agak Minggir Got Sedikit'. Meaning: just near the gutter. My friends and I used to say that when someone asked us where we had lunch. We'd say 'Oh, we had lunch at Amigos!' trying to sound like we had enough money to go to the real Amigos restaurant, when infact we went to warung nasi near the gutter! LOL!