Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What does this picture say to you?

As we stood looking at the alligator display at Sea world it suddenly occurred to me that different people can interpret things in many ways.
I saw icky critters where as a certain family member would see

We took the kids to Ancol (pronounced aRnchol.....I found out after no one knew what I meant..) yesterday for an outing to the sea side. We visited sea world and fantasy world and had a great time.

I took loads of photos and will post it all, I am still only a third of the way to posting about Janny and Tan Tans visit. I have Bogor, Handbag Heaven, Kinara and Easter to come.

Fantasy world (just like dreamworld on the Gold Coast) was great; BUT it was SO SO SO very hot.
A high light of the day was the girls and I learning to use the Indonesian style toilets whilst wearing hot sweaty jeans.........
Lots of photos and descriptions later (not of the toilets though!)


Laurel Wreath said...

Sounds like a fun day =))) Love the picture. Had to laugh about the toilet!

Anonymous said...

Hello Princess,

Looks like Jan and Tan had a great time and I love the Martial Arts training for the girls.

Can you let me know the country, area and phone number I need to dial as I cant get through on any combination I have tried.

Also which is the best email address at present.