Sunday, June 03, 2007

Our 1st lazy expat experience!

We had a lovely last minute outing on Saturday. We ended up spending the afternoon at putt put golf with another family. The older kids had a great time, while the two young boys and I had a fun time zipping all over the place with out much put-putting.
The center is in a lovely park close to the city. It was covered with huge shade trees and is a great way to spend an afternoon. There is a small pond stocked with fish that you can pay to fish in and then keep the fish; though there is no way in the world I would eat "fish" from this murky pond!!!!!!
At the entrance you can hire electric scooters for the kids and then grab ice creams.
We ended back up at our house where a drink or two+ lead to starving kids running around happily; luckily Amigos came to the rescue and delivered a great dinner.
Now this is where the laziness starts.....

Because it was a long weekend, Sarinah and Samino both had two days off so we were all on our own for Friday night until Sunday morning. We are not slave drivers, most of Indonesia has a 6 day working week. This is never a problem as I do all the cooking and we normally have Sat night alone so we just do all the dishes, I usually put on a few loads of washing as well as I know how a one day break will cause Mt Washmore to form in the laundry!
Sat night:-the kitchen had plates from 10 people, plus at least 4 glasses from everybody as well as crumbs all over the table and MESS, MESS, MESS in the playroom.
We went to bed and left it all downstairs and when we came down this morning it was all clean and fresh. It was totally wonderful, but the guilty of leaving someone else to clean up our mess created on their day off (even though we pay them too) is too much to bear.


Munchkin Land said...

Oh how fun!! I love Putt-Putt golf and now you've given me a HUGE desire to go do it. =) Here's to a relaxing day!!

julia said...

A whole gallery of photos of new territory and to see whats what up that way is cool.