Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yet again the internet and phones are down....yes I have paid the bill LOL

The Internet and phones have been out this week.........this is the one thing that gets to me in Indonesia.
I shrug off most things but become a little crazed with lack of communication.

I work with ESOL( English as a Second Language) children all day, and when I get home I need to have some adult communication. If the phone and email doesn't work I get VERY frustrated.

I have also caught the kids head cold...I look a bit like Rudolph at the moment.

This has enabled me to catch up on my DVDs, I have just finished Lost, Heroes and Desperate Housewives.......I love trashy American blockbusters!!!!!!!
I haven't even started Prison Break, House and a bunch of others yet.

We are all really excited that Robbie is arriving on Saturday for 8 days.........We will be doing lots of exploring, expect lots of photos.

We aim on visiting Istiqlal_Mosque, the worlds third largest mosque. It can hold over 120 000 people inside. (if any one can advise me on dress requirements for me and the girls and tours it would be much appreciated)


Pengamat said...

Seriously but I have never had problems with phone or internet in Jakarta.. and neither do my relatives and friends.. never. You know you can ask for compensation right?... What about your neighbours.. did they get blacked out as well?... This is weird?!

Pengamat said...

errr.. as for the dress code.. there is no such dress code in Indonesia.. Only if you're coming there as a Muslim who wants to pray that you will want to bring the good old Indonesian favourite of... traditional sarong!.. Or as for the girls.. the usual white coat...

Otherwise.. just wear 'civilian' clothes.. lolz..

Pengamat said...

I have a feeling it's to do with your phone installation.. You're 100% sure it's installed properly?..

Have you called Telkom? They offer free check-up service thing I think.. Just don't get caught using two parallel lines and only one of them is registered.. Cos that can result in fines or they just simply cut the other line. Otherwise just ask for compensation =P

Jenny from Queensland, enjoying Jakarta said...

Yes, we agree-something inside the walls of our brand new house is wrong, but no one can find out what (either that or I have a magic force field around me that blows up lines of communication LOL). Our neighbours lines all work OK. Telkom has come out and checked but it still stops and starts. I am going to get one of the guys at GJ's office to help me deal with it, my lack of Bahasa Indonesian language skills probably doesn't help.
Where is your blog Pengamat? I would come and visit if I knew. Thank you for your advise:-)

santy said...

hi, jenny!
pengamat is right. just wear your usual clothes. shirt and jeans will do :) sorry to hear about your phone problem. hope they can sort it out soon.

Pengamat said...

hehe.. sorry at the moment I can't seem to keep a blog... I've made several unsuccessful attempts but they just ended up being left alone.. too much maintanance lolz..

Oh, did you say 'lack of Bahasa Indonesia'?.. FYI, the word "Pengamat" means watcher.. and thus it's not my name lolz.. =P