Monday, September 15, 2008

Frequent flyer points

Frequent flyer points...are they worth anything?

I saved up all my Ansett point for years and lost them all when they went under in 2002.

I went to use some of my Qantas points a few months ago and they had all expired.

So why book a mum traveling alone with three kids to the southern hemisphere from the southern hemisphere via the northern hemisphere???????
Especially when there is a direct flight at roughly the same price.

The answer is so she can get a few FF points.
What the...

So my schedule:

leave home to get to airport 2 hours @3.30pm

wait at airport for 2 hours

Jakarta to Singapore 1.5 hours flight (cross the equator) 7.35 pm

arrive Singapore

wait for 5+ hours until 12.30AM and fly to Sydney

let me repeat...

wait for 5+ hours until 12.30AM and fly to Sydney

and again for effect

wait for 5+ hours until 12.30AM and fly to Sydney

arrive Sydney 11.50 am

clear customs (nearly as bad as Jakarta), wait for shuttle bus and arrive home at 2pm

A total of 19 hours traveling with kids with out a pack mule/disciplinarian.

There is another option

Leave home at 5pm fly directly to Sydney and arrive at 7.20 am, and get there nearly six hours earlier.
But get no frequent flyer points.

Guess who made this not the office
No, the jackass who is not flying with his wife and his three kids.

I feel so much better now I have vented to the world LOL.


treespotter said...

how come i wasn't made aware of these plans??

Yay for you!

I heard his accountants weren't very good anyway :D

jakartarocks said...

You forgot the real reason. The more logical choice for the way there (shorter time) is a pain when HE comes back with the 3 kids by himself. No movies (okay, adult movies that kids will not watch x 2)and 7 long hours. During the day, not at night when they can have a good sleep (like on the way there). Plus, it's economy, you can't even be guaranteed to wipe yourself out on the way home (like I recently did). Sorry - but the trip home is sooooo horrendous, I will NEVER be voluntarily doing it again, even if hubs came.

Heidi said...

I see lots of bubbles in your future.

Man'sMan said...

SQ is a much better flight than crappy quantas, (sq has personal TVs, quantas has smelly drunks)
also, changi airport is verry kid friendly, and the 5 hours will fly by.
if you are buying 4 tickets, then the FF points really add up, and its worth it. so just suck it up.

Jen Jen in Jakarta, Indonesia said...

Man's man

I had tears (of laughter) streaming down my face when I read your comment. It just cracked me up!
Just suck it up! I love it.

It really highlights the difference between men and women. Of course I will just suck it up, but as a women I just have to bitch and moan about it lol.