Sunday, September 07, 2008

I survived year four

I have just completed my first teacher practical experience.
I survived an entire week with year four (8-9 years old)- they were gorgeous, but tiring.
The teachers took me out for after-school drinks, we arrived at 2.30pm and left at 9.30pm.
What a grand way to finish a work week.....
I have even managed to finish my 5000 word epic assignment on the prac experience.

I am now studying two very interesting laws (sic)- Boyle's law {P=a/V} and Charles law {V=bT}....

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Shannon said...

Wow that first teaching practicum is really eye opening, isn't it? The sheer amount of energy those kids have is overwhelming. I am so glad it went well for you. Enjoy studying those gas laws, hopefully you like science. I always found it fun, but I am kinda sick that way!