Friday, September 12, 2008

George Clooney's hair

I am going to have to practice just smiling and saying thank you.....I am over sharing this week.

The sun is shining through the pollution and putting a radiant glow on my head making my hair a halo of golden brilliance, or that is what people are saying to me.

I have shocked three different people this week by laughing out loud and telling them I am as grey as George Clooney and Herman (@ Entra a Mi Casa, JL Benda) is just a great hairdresser.


Anonymous said...

No way! Herman is terrific! I would have never guessed you were grey! I don't let my roots grow out long enough for me to be able to even see what my natural hair color is! heehee


Mrs Top Monkey said...

Does Herman do a great haircut as well? What's his salon called? I'm desperate to get my hair done properly once the baby's out.

Jen Jen in Jakarta, Indonesia said...

Herman cuts well, he has done all my cuts for the last 18 months (my hair grows super fast)and I am very happy with his work.

The Salon in on Jalan Benda 17(kemang/cipete. It is called Entra a Mi Casa. Phone 021 7806222.

They do one of the best creme baths there as well and they clean all the equipment. They have a non smoking room as well.