Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Ritz Carlton, Jakarta,

Sunday Brunch.

We had a great Australian Fathers day brunch last Sunday. As usual, the Ritz Carlton was wonderful! We were seated in a new location (I know, it sounds funny to have usual seats at the Ritz !) as they made my reservation under Jamie Wayne......This doesn't even remotely sound like my name!
For some reason all the guys decided to sit at one table, while the ladies at another. It actually turned out to be a great idea. We weren't offended by the guys jokes and we could talk uninterrupted...

Kids club was fun as always- nail polish, tattoos, face painting, music etc

There is a special middle eastern theme this month in the Airlangga. My camera couldn't capture how splendid these dancers were, the lady was dancing with a lit candelabra on her head.

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Shannon said...

Oh I wish I had been there, brunches at the Ritz are always so much fun!!!