Saturday, September 06, 2008

Janny got lost....

I had a huge stress attack last week when TanTan (sister) rang and emailed me to let me know that Janny (my mum with Alzheimer) was missing.

It is all ok...but we both had an hour or two of sheer panic.

Janny left a message at Tan's office that she had had her handbag stolen........We did not know where she was, if she had money, a phone, or ?????????.
We figured out that she had got somewhere safe as she had found Tans work phone number (she can not remember phone numbers).

Janny moved into the retirement village last weekend, and the phone has still not been connected.

It turned out that she had dropped in at the her old home and left her handbag on the lounge and then just she had her keys and went home to the village and asked them to call Tan.

We had the village staff looking for her, Tan in a mad panic to get home from the city and me.....sitting in Jakarta unable to do anything.

Tan found the handbag and has returned it. We have also taken some of the credit cards out of her purse...we are uncovering huge amounts of credit card debt.........Nothing we can't handle, but just another sign that the Alzheimer is getting progressively worse.

Since this happened, a few other mini crisis's have occurred.

I am so thankful for communication technology....
Tan and I can use our mobile phones to talk (landlines don't seem to work at my house.....)
I can also emphasize with Tan for hours on Skype FOR FREE!!!

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