Monday, July 09, 2007

Green Canyon (cukang taneuh) Java, Indonesia

After a great Indonesian buffet breakfast (bubur ayam/chicken porridge- yummy!) we decided to head off to Green Canyon.

Oh my goodness it was amazing!!!!

Green canyon is about a 30 minute drive from Pangandaran Beach. The river is a brilliant emerald green colour with lush jungle hanging over the banks. For 70 000rp you hire a small boat and drivers to take you up to the waterfall and canyon. The boat journey took about 30 minutes and ended up under a natural arch way filled with limestone formations. There was large boulders forming a rock wall which you could climb up onto.

Now as I am Australian I can easily change in to my swimmers under the privacy of a beach towel; BUT on a slippery boulder surrounded by people staring intently at me they was NO WAY I was going to risk it. So the number one tip for people going to visit Green Canyon is wear your swimmers onto the boat and then get changed back at the car.

I became bag watcher, blondish tourist magnet (people were honestly stunned to find me sitting up on a rock here), photographer for strangers and chief photographer for GJ and the kids.
Georgia was very hesitant to get in as usual. We have a new saying for her “conquer your fear, you will love it”. She is starting to believe us as the last few times we have had to push her to do something she has loved it- snorkeling, dancing at Amigos etc. Once she was swimming up around the bend she even was game enough to float through the rapids.
We have decided that we need an underwater camera…GJ can have this mini digital for his briefcase and traveling and I can have a new one for all this amazing water activities in Indonesia.
GJ and the kids must of swum for at least an hour before we headed back. By this time the girls were so relaxed they were standing on the bow of the boat catching leaves off the overhanging trees and scooping water up with their arms. Ben was too tired to do anything but sip chocolate milk on my lap. We ended back at Pangandaran Beach for a late lunch on the beach front.
GJ and I shared a Bintan beer….we took a photo of it as GJ NEVER drinks beer. Since neither of us is a beer experts we can’t be too sure but it seemed good (especially after I tipped a bit of the kids sprite into mine!).
I am now sitting facing the beach again watching waves break and hearing the ice-cream mans hooter sounding softly in the background. The kids are all asleep and we are having a wine…..this is the life.

PS GJ has just suggested that I should thank him for giving me this life……………………………..

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