Sunday, July 01, 2007



I have never been overly fond of donuts, but the kids sure are.
In Queensland the main brand of donut shops, Donut king, was always extremely clever to build their shops right next to the supermarket entrance.
I could get through at least half the isles with quiet kids for one bag of hot Cinnamon donuts, I would then pull out a drink or a bag of lollies for the last half.
Supermarket shopping with three kids negates any "fresh food, no junk food for my kids" way of thinking.

Krispy Kreme donuts came to Australia about two years ago. They first opened in Sydney and soon opened a kiosk at Sydney airport.
Tan Tan (gorgeous sister) would buy us a box of assorted donuts and bring them up on the plane.
The donut's were nice, but that's it........

Now in hindsight I can see that the donuts were made some where, shipped to the airport, displayed for hours and then carried onto a plane and then shoved in our fridge for the next morning, not the best way to maintain freshness.

Now we live in Jakarta, oh my goodness the donuts.....

At one of my favourite malls, Ponkok Indah Mall there is a huge Krispy Kreme shop complete with a viewing window to observe the behind the scenes process.

WoW, we all now know what a good donut tastes like.....

But we have found donut nirvana, J CO coffee and donuts

I read a write up a few months ago on an Indonesian entrepreneur called Jonny Andrean. This guy started out as a hairdresser, then branched into bread shops and now into coffee and donuts.
We found an outlet one day at Cilandak Town Square and have fallen head first into obsession.
The only way I can describe the taste is a cross between fairy floss and sweet pastry.

I have to constantly chant an old mantra
A moment on the lips a month on the hips
or in my case at least 12-18 months on my hips and thigh!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Are there many customers at the big Krispy Kreme in Jakarta?

Jenny from Queensland, enjoying Jakarta said...

There is always customers at the "big Krispy Kreme" but without fail there is a big queue at J CO.

Anonymous said...

Do they still give you a free donut when you buy a cappucino? Used to stay in JCo with my cappo, donuts and reading Jakarta Post on the comfy lounges while my wife toiled away shopping at Plaza Semmaggi - now there's a shopping centre you can get lost in VERY easily !!!