Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ice Skating at Taman Anggrek

I took the girls for their first ever try at Ice Skating, they loved it. The friend we went with knew that you could get a half hour lesson first then free time on the rink, so we booked the kids in and settled in to watch.

There was a Honda Jazz car expo on in the mall, these cars were so different! Ben loved the orange padded version, but the girls favorite was the pink mirror finish Jazz with a butterfly motif!

Taman Anggrek is a large mega Mall in west Jakarta. It is filled with lovely shops but on the two occasions that I have been there it has been very, very crowded.
Tan Tan saw these photos and has put it on her places to go list for her next visit to Jakarta.

1 comment:

Raiyen said...

Too large for me!

Anggrek Mall is near to my home, but never my favourite. I found it quite easy to get lost there, literally, due to its largeness.

But for a shoppaholic it can be like heaven on earth, tho :))

So I stick with the good old much smaller Slipi Plaza nearby. :)