Friday, July 06, 2007

A road trip around Java

Today is the big day; we are setting out on our holiday around central Java.

We have 10 days and no bookings and unfortunately it is Indonesian school holidays at the same time.......

We will have the best time with lots of other people as well!

We are going to visit the south coast, Jogjakarta,
Borobudur, Bandung, Semarang, Solo and any where else strikes our fancy.

On our "too see" things are:-
  • Coffee plantations
  • Volcanoes (although Ben wants to see Lava, we don't so we will pick a safe one)
  • Rice paddies
  • Spectacular temples
  • North coast (no swimming BAD tides)
  • South coast (a little swimming)
  • Fresh air
  • Wonderful Indonesian people
  • Shadow puppet show
I am taking my lap top to do research on the way (maybe a little blogging LOL) and will take thousands of photos.
I hope our driver survives 10 days on the road with us........I hope he is still excited about the tour by day 4!

If you have any suggestions on "must see places" please let me know, we are open to all suggestions. We also have a DVD player in the car so the kids will be happy with long drives.

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Adele said...

Im excited you are going to Borobudur Buddhist temple-made from lava rock built in the shape of a lotus. I have always wanted to see this so pleeeease take lots of photos and comments