Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dead PC and Bali belly in Jakarta

Evil PC died this week.......not the blue screen of illness but the black screen of death...
I think it has been revived.

It also suffered another setback, it was dropped down the stairs.

It only fell a few steps along with GJ.

GJ was trying to join the broken limb club.....he missed out this time.
He is bruised and has a nasty graze on his head, but is walking and happy!

All the editing on the school individual photos was lost.....I still l have the originals, but not the hours of editing.

Now.....Bali Belly again....Food poisoning, something contaminated, or a bug, I don't know but...I feel sick.

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Jo said...

Glad to hear that GJ is OK, you can't do anything without him wanting to follow, tell him better luck next time. Hope you are blogging soon missing all the reports on what is happening over there. Can't wait to catch up in March.